Foundations of Homeschooling
Masterclass Consultations

You are not alone...

I wouldn't think of letting you begin homeschooling without having a real person to turn to for help. You need someone to call.

Homeschooling is a highly personalized endeavor, which means every family has questions and challenges unique to their own situations. That's why we offer live consultation sessions to personally answer your questions and help you create a custom homeschool plan ideally suited to your needs. 

I'm excited to help you create the best homeschool possible for your family. Let's get strategic about choosing the right curriculum, designing a schedule, setting up your classroom, overcoming or avoiding burnout, or any other homeschool questions you need help with.

Consultation Options

One-Time Consultation

A one-hour, one-on-one consultation with Judith Jolma. Consultations are conducted via phone or Zoom meeting, whichever you prefer.

Masterclass Consultation Six-Pack

Six one-hour, one-on-one consultations with Judith Jolma. BEST BUY! (6 for the price of 5). Consultations are conducted via phone or Zoom meeting, whichever you prefer.


**We strongly recommend scheduling your first consultation session within a week of beginning the Masterclass. This will go a long way toward helping you get the most out of this class.

What our students are saying about this training...

My (new) friend Judith Jolma of Sophia Homeschool is AMAZING. I'm taking her six week (12 hour) training course and smack dab in the middle and LOVING it. I told [my husband] after the first day that it had ready been weelllll worth the money and commitment. 

So many of us are just lost and don't even know where to begin so we look to those who we think have "done it right" and just duplicate bc we see them as experts. You saved my butt for sure!”

...Lindsey F.

Before I met Judith and was introduced to Sophia Homeschool Foundations Workshop, I was so overwhelmed to the point where I felt like I was suffering from paralysis of the brain. I would watch my boys run around and play all day while I dreamed of having a working routine and order to my day. I cried out to God for help. I knew it was possible, but I didn't know how or where to begin. The Holy Spirit clearly led me to Judith and surprisingly she seemed to understand my situation. I felt so alone in my struggle until I met Judith. She has been my savior with a small "s". Three months ago, I did not believe it was possible for me to have discipline, order, and a working schedule in my home with my 4 boys. Thankfully, with God all things are possible! He has used Judith in a big way in my life to get me on the right path on the road to successfully homeschooling my sons.

...Emily F.

"As someone who is feeling scattered and a little overwhelmed at the prospect of homeschooling, I found your presentation to be logical, straightforward, and even soothing! Whatever we decide to do, I feel like I'm going to have a lot of really valuable takeaways about how to set my children (and myself!) up for success in the coming months with at-home learning. I'm ready to dive in!”

...Genevieve F.

The sessions have been so valuable in organizing all of my thoughts and helping me define the goals and desires for my children. .. I highly recommend Sophia homeschool foundation workshop as a starting point if you are considering homeschooling. It has giving me confidence to know I can give my kids a great education in my own home.

...Renee D.

A little bit about me...

As a homeschool parent, I know that we can’t give what we don’t have. So, my mission is to help mothers to become whole for the sake of their children and their husbands.

I am a journalist, entrepreneur, and regular contributor to children’s publications, and I know that inspiration comes through the art and craft of story-telling.

We all have our own story to craft, live and to tell. 

Judie Pic for Woman School

I'm also a homeschool consultant who was homeschooled K through 12th grades and now homeschool my own children. Together, I've been in the homeschool world for more than 35 years. This experience has given me the advantage of seeing home education through both the child’s perspective and the parent’s. 

I'm passionate about teaching women how to rise above depletion so they can give to their families from a life of wholeness.

I am a student of childhood development through the Montessori Method and Catechism of the Good Shepherd. My husband and I founded Sophia Homeschool - an online classroom that offers teacher training to homeschool parents. We discovered that successful homeschooling parents are the ones who invest in their own personal development.

Our family belongs to an ancient form of Christianity - Melkite Greek-Catholicism - which is the bedrock of our lives. We share our story through home ministries and education.

I strive to inspire, lead and teach others to intentionally craft their own beautiful life stories.