The Discovery Workshop

People always ask: "How should I begin homeschooling?"

This is what we tell them...

You wouldn't begin a home renovation project with an expensive trip to the hardware store, right? 

You would start with a plan. You would take measurements, determine your budget and hire the specialist for the things you can’t do yourself.

Homeschooling is no different. Before purchasing your curriculum, you need to have a plan. The Discovery Workshop is the same plan we use here in our own home school.

An all-too-common story...

We were at a homeschool conference in Virginia not too long ago. There was a flustered mother at kiosk being compelled to purchase a $1,000 online curriculum for her pre-school aged child. The mother knew she wanted to homeschool, and her friend had brought her to the conference to "just pick something."

We were floored. The well-meaning mother was about to drop a fortune on something that may or may not work for her child - OR her own teaching style. It was a tragedy in the making...

What you can expect to see at a typical homeschool conference...

We believe that the first and most important thing a new homeschooling parent can do is prepare yourself. MAYBE the online curriculum would "work," but without clearly defined goals (and she clearly hadn't defined them), or knowing her child's learning style, OR knowing her own teaching/learning style, she was creating much more work for herself than was necessary.

That mom was exactly the kind of homeschooling parent that we wanted to help when we started Sophia Homeschool.

The Discovery Workshop

What is the Discovery Workshop and how it can help you...

The Discovery Workshop helps you build a solid foundation from the beginning. Before you decide on a particular curriculum, before you retrofit your house to be a classroom, you need to do some things first.

The Workshop is more than four hours of video training, expert interviews, and a workbook to help you design your own custom homeschool.

You also get our list of must-have resources. It's all designed to help you build a solid homeschool foundation.

With simple, straightforward advice, we help you to build a solid foundation for this project. No fluff, no nonsense - just what you need to get started ASAP.

Get a sneak peak with the Workshop introduction:

The Discovery Workshop Contents

The Discovery Workshop is made up of six main modules. They include:

Purpose of education 3

Chapter 1:

Know Your Purpose

Discover your mission statement. WHY you homeschool should determine HOW you homeschool ...

If you have analysis paralysis when it comes to choosing curriculum, it may be because the methods you are considering do not match your objective. We help you match your homeschool tools to your homeschool mission.

Know your child screenshot

Chapter 2:

Know Yourself

Discover your unique teaching style. Don’t try to teach like someone else. You bring a unique set of skills to your family that only you can. This is your home and you are the teacher, so choose a method and materials that inspires you to stay engaged. Teach from your own joy of learning. Your children will love learning if you love teaching. That is why we help you discover your stride.

Know your Child

Chapter 3:

Know Your Child

No one knows or loves your children like you: And no one is going to understand their educational needs as well...

Is your child an introvert? Always in motion? Does he have a learning disability? Do you have that one child who takes direction easily, but another who challenges everything? End homework battles by meeting your child's needs and create a custom education designed just for him.

Get the Discovery Workshop now!

Know your resources screenshot

Chapter 4:

Know Your Resources

What can you use now, and what would make it better?

We will walk you though the most popular educational methods so you can know the difference between classical, Charlotte Mason, unschooling and more. We will also help you determine which method is right for you.

Synthesize Screenshot

Chapter 5:

Synthesize it All

Now it's time to pull it all together: Synthesizing all you've learned for a harmonious homeschool...

Put all your discoveries to work for you. All this knowledge empowers you to design your homeschool with confidence. Now it's time to do some serious thinking about how you're going to to pull it all together. It's a little scary at first, but we think you'll quickly find it's fun, too!

Chart your course screenshot

Chapter 6:

Chart Your Course

Now you can plan: Building your ideal homeschool is within your grasp

All the work, observation, reflecting and synthesizing lead to this. It's time to take the synthesis of all you've learned and put it together into your Plan. Do the hard work on the front end and find out what a wonderful school year you can have.

The Workbook

The Workshop comes with a workbook to help you build your homeschool foundation. Here are a few sample pages:

TOC - 500
Know your Purpose - 500
Know your child - 500
Syllabus - 500
Know yourself - 500

In addition to the course videos, you'll also get...

Expert Interviews


MP3s of all the Videos


"I’ve learned a lot just from previewing your work - and I’ve been homeschooling for 20 years!!!"


- Sylvia D.

Author and Homeschooling Mom

Why the Discovery Workshop?

When I first started homeschooling, I felt absolutely overwhelmed by the amount of research required to teach my own children.

And I grew up in a home school - 1st through 12th grades...

When my oldest was two years old, I set out to learn all I could about all the new programs available, and about educational methods that I had never even heard of before.

It seemed that the more research I did the more overwhelmed I became.

Judie on Camera

I was trying to design a home school based on the way I thought everyone expected me to teach, rather than based on what my family needed. I even ended up enrolling them in a private school for a time.

I finally realized that the only thing that worked for my family was...what worked for my family. The Discovery Worship came out of this understanding - what works for one family may not be the best for another's.

Years later, while shopping for new curriculum at a homeschool book fair, I watched a young mother who was a lot like me when I began my journey. Without a solid plan or understanding of her teaching style, her child’s learning style or her homeschool objective, she ended up financing an $800 all-inclusive curriculum for her 1st grader.

The well-meaning mother was vulnerable to the kind-faced salesman and spent a fortune on something that may or may not work for her child - OR her own teaching style. It was a tragedy in the making… This is the reason we often hear parents say “Homeschooling didn’t work for us.”

We believe that the first and most important thing a new homeschooling parent can do is prepare.

Full Course: $47

(It normally goes for $97.)

There has never been a better time to consider homeschooling.

We believe that YOU are the best education for your children.