Hello! And welcome…

If you’re reading this sometime around the end of July 2019, then…how did you get here? Lol. No, seriously – I’m writing this about two days after I finally got around to launching the website. If anyone can find it right now, I’d be shocked.

Right now there isn’t a lot going on at this website, but that’s about to change. Judith and I just spent the last six months writing, shooting and editing our Discovery Workshop, an online course about how to get started in homeschooling.

Judith applying last-minute edits to the Discovery Workshop

As of this writing, we’re just beginning to promote it. More – a lot more – is coming soon.

What is the Discovery Workshop? It’s Judith’s genius method for building a solid foundation for parents new (or newish) to homeschooling. Most people (me included if I’d somehow had to figure this out on my own), might start exploring home education by asking all their homeschooling friends what to do, which curriculum to buy, etc. They might go to a few homeschool conferences and…immediately lose heart. With, as we say in our workshop introductory video, “acres of vendors,” it’s easy to give up before you’ve even begun.

Where on earth do you start?

That’s where Judith’s plan comes in. It’s several hours of basic advice about the things new homeschooling parents should be thinking about before they ever whip out the credit card for a particular curriculum. Feel free to ask us about that, or, you can find the page for that here.

Anyway, bear with us as we try to get this thing off the ground. We’re passionate about helping people get their homeschool into some sort of order. No, it’s more than that – we don’t just want to help people impose control, but to build an environment filled with a love of learning, family harmony, and peace. Homeschooling, as Judith says, is an endurance race. It’s absolutely critical to start right – with training, education, and best practices.

If we do our job well, we believe we can help a lot of people.

So, please come back soon, and again, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!