The Woman School

The "How to" school for women

Sophia Homeschool teamed up with The Woman School founder (and long-time friend) January Donovan because we believe that the primary educator needs to be whole in order to be effective.

As a Woman School strategist, Judith Jolma personally guides women through this online school dedicated to equipping them with practical skills to design a life of meaning and contribution - a life that is whole.

These training sessions are comprehensive, systematic and practical. There is nothing like it.

When a woman is whole she can give from a place of abundance, not depletion.

When a woman is whole, she inspires the world - and her children - to reach for, and be more, than they ever imagined.

Something needs to change...

"Depletion" shouldn't be normal for mothers. We can’t accept the norm that giving life to children means being robbed of our own life. Motherhood is not meant to be an exchange of life. We ought to be giving life and gain more life in the process, that is the intention of motherhood.

The problem is that we are giving life with an empty cup which is why Motherhood becomes a place of depletion. There is a distinction between giving from a place of abundance or giving from a place of depletion.

When we give from a place of abundance (Wholeness), we give to our children, our community and the people we love without the resentment and anxiety that comes from giving from a place of depletion.

Something needs to change.

Judie and Anna

Welcome to The Woman School

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What women are saying about The Woman School:

Why is The Woman School so important today?

The world shifted, women need new tools for a new kind of world.

Empowerment without equipment is unsustainable. We focus on giving women skills.


Live by design

Develop confidence and competence from the inside out

Crystalize your dreams and create a practical plan to achieve your goals

Manage your mind, emotions, schedule and environment 

Honor your body and learn to fuel it for optimal contribution

Attain unshakeable peace from within, free from stress, anxiety and exhaustion

Be resilient against critics, communicate your boundaries effectively, and hold people accountable

Find friendships that encourage you to pursue your dreams and walk with you in your failures

You were not put in this world just to be enough...


You were designed as a gift, endowed with a unique mission only you can fulfill.


Your duty is to design a life that inspires those you love.


You have a choice to make that decision.


We will show you how.