The Woman School

Whether or not you're already a mother, this is the "How to" school for any woman

When mom is whole, they are whole.

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How you show up matters more than your lesson plan, more than what you tell them, more than any opportunity you give them.

You want your children to be happy. Are you happy?

You want them to be successful. Are you successful? 

You want them to follow their dreams. Have you followed your dreams? 

You want them to be mature, peaceful, kind, responsible, in control of their minds, emotions, time, health and finances.


CEOs get training. Athletes get training. This is where YOU get training. We teach the art of being a woman.

Welcome to the Woman School...

Sophia Homeschool teamed up with The Woman School founder (and long-time friend) January Donovan because we believe that the primary educator needs to be whole in order to be effective.

The Woman School offers a comprehensive, 6-month masterclass that will teach you how to become the woman you've always wanted to be. The training is unique because it focuses on both building a healthy mindset and giving you the skills you need.

This is the class we all wish we had before we had to make a BIG decision on who we want to spend the rest of our life with, decide our dream careers, and learn how to raise our families. This course guides and prepares women to be happy mothers.

If you'd like to see for yourself how life-changing this information is, we'd love to give you a free, all-access 7-day trial.

What is the Woman School?

The Woman School is a six-month Masterclass presented in the form of instructional videos. Each one is about an hour long and they are meant to be watched one per week. At the end of each lesson, you will receive homework which focuses on changing habits. There are no tests or requirements for writing papers or anything that would be a major time imposition for busy mothers. You get out of the program what you are able to put into it.


Private Strategy

You wouldn't expect an athlete to win a medal without a coach. Yet, with so much more at stake than a gold medal, mothers routinely try to do it alone. Our husbands, our children, our grandchildren and generations after us, depend our us to contribute the best of ourselves. Sometimes that requires a coach -- a strategist -- to help you thrive for the sake of everyone you love.
Private Strategy includes lifetime access to the Woman School content, plus weekly coaching sessions with Judith Jolma for seven months. This is personal, on-on-one coaching at a very high level.



This membership offers the same benefits as the Self-Study course above, however, it offers lifetime access and does not expire after seven months.
The Woman School masterclass is packed full of lessons that you will want to return to as you prefect many skills over a lifetime. This is the ultimate learn-at-your-own pace membership.



Group Study

By far the most popular option for women, this offers the same top-notch instruction in a friendly, judgement-free group environment.

Our group study includes limited self-study, plus bi-weekly virtual meetings with a small group of women on the same journey to wholeness. I will be by your side all along the way, as I guid each group though dissections designed to inspire, serve and empower.

We currently offer several audience-specific groups:

The Wholeness Quiz

Quiz Wheel

The source of depletion is usually imbalance. As mothers, we give all we have to our children often neglecting other arenas. This imbalance begins to rob other arenas until we are no longer giving from a full cup. If one part of your life is depleted, every part of your life suffers -- and so do the people in it. Find out what arena is holding you back from giving your best to the people you love.

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You were not put in this world just to be enough...


You were designed as a gift, endowed with a unique mission only you can fulfill.


Your duty is to design a life that inspires those you love.


You have a choice to make that decision.


We will show you how.