Mothers with Daughters

Protecting your daughters' self-worth

Does your daughter know how valuable she is?

You know without a shadow of a doubt that your daughter is valuable. The question you have to ask yourself as a mother is, does she know her value?

The data for young women feeling anxious, lonely, stressed and overwhelmed is alarming. Young women today are at risk of self doubt which leads to rebellion, resentment and fear.

As her mother, are you intentionally equipping her to face a world of critics? Is she defined by what people think of her, or does she hold a strong opinion about her worth?


Does she have the language she needs to protect herself from her own inner critics? Does she have the awareness to hold people accountable and communicate her boundaries effectively so she doesn’t doubt her worth? Does she understand the damaging effect of perfectionism? Does she have an accurate definition of what makes a woman beautiful? Does she know how to protect her dreams and discover her contribution to humanity? Is she equipped with a resilient mindset to help her manage failures, frustrations and fears? Does she know how to honor her body so she does not fall into the trap of PLEASING & PROVING herself?


January Donovan, Founder of THE WOMAN SCHOOL, has studied and trained thousands of women to develop their self worth. As a mother of 4 daughters and 3 sons, she is personally invested in this topic, and  on a mission to cut this vicious cycle of mothers handing over self doubt to their children.

Healing has to begin with us mothers. The Woman School will give language to the crisis your daughter is facing and will give you practical tools that you can apply right away to prepare and protect your daughter.

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