Woman School - Group Study for New Moms

This can and should be the start of a beautiful time in your life. It just takes a little training...

Does this sound familiar?

You had all these great hopes of how you wanted to be as a mother but the reality is that you are exhausted, overwhelmed and anxious.

Not long ago, new mothers had a network of women — mothers, sisters, aunts, neighbors — around her willing to teach her and to help her.

Today we have plenty of critics but few mentors...

We are expected to perform as women at a much higher level than ever before. So we shouldn’t wonder why postpartum depression brings so many women down. We are being robbed of this amazing experience of being a mom because we are not prepared.

The Woman School is your practical guide to a skillset and a mindset that gives women tools they need to live by design and not by default. It keeps us from becoming victims of our circumstances.

So what kind of skills? Time management, home management, how to manage your mindset and your emotions, how to set clear boundaries, hold people accountable, and how to not lose yourself as a woman when you become a mother. Why? Because we want to show up for our children each morning prepared to give the very best of ourselves. And we need to be whole to do that.

You are a whole woman. Even when you have a baby to care for, you still need to take care of your own health, friendships, intimacy, home and every other arena that makes up your life. That can be overwhelming unless you are armed with a few key skills.

We believe new moms need more than encouraging words and empowerment. They need equipment and training to make their job easier.

This is what we teach in the Woman School masterclass...

Module 1
  • • The purpose of desires
  • • Crystalling your dreams in all our different arenas
  • • Identifying goals and brin them to reality
  • • Building a routine
  • • Managing distractions
  • • Discovering your contribution

Module 2
  • • Discovering your self-worth
  • • Replace negative self-talk
  • • Creating a self-image
  • • "Getting rid of compassion"
  • • Developing your attitude
  • • Foundational skills for all women

Module 3
  • • Understanding your mind
  • • Learn to manage your thoughts, beliefs and words
  • • Manage your mind, emotion, stress, critics & disappointments
  • • Managing time blocks and activities

Module 4
  • • Self-accountability
  • • Skill and scripts for healthy boundaries
  • • Creating healthy standards in your many roles (mother, friend, sister...)
  • • Healing old wounds from your family or origin
  • • How to impact, inspire and hold to your standards with men and marriage
  • • Cultivating fulfilling connections

Module 5
  • • How to become a confdent woman through competence
  • • Redefine "beautiful"
  • • Manage tonality, body language, and word choice
  • • Creating a peaceful home and work environment
  • • Hosting, menus and managing order in your home
  • • Creating wealth and redefining success

Module 6
  • • Create impact and legacy
  • • Integrating our desires
  • • Strategically showing up
  • • Finding our voice and using it to serve humanity
  • • Finding your mentor
  • • Live life by design
  • • Develop your leadership
  • • How to live from a place of wholeness
  • • Cultivating sustainable peace of mind

What women are saying about The Woman School:

On a personal note...

Judith here. If you're on this page, it's because there's something about this opportunity that resonates.

It speaks to a deep part of you that you know is real and true and important.

I know, because I've felt it too for a long time - since I first met January, in fact.

We were part of a women's Bible study in Old Town, Alexandria, right here in Virginia. Ever since that time almost 20 years ago, I've followed January as she grew her family and developed her program.

At first it was just helpful YouTube videos. But before too long I realized that she was forming a worldview that informed how I thought of myself and my relationships.

I believe in this program with my whole heart. And it dovetails with Sophia Homeschool's mission perfectly. What is that mission? To make accessible happy, healthy, and God-willing, holy home education environments for everyone who desires to create one.

This is the training program we all wish we'd had - even if we never even realized it was a thing!

I know that it's a big decision. It's a decision you should make carefully and deliberately. If you're married, you should definitely talk about it with your husband.

But if my experience can be a guide, joining the Woman School Masterclass is a no-brainer. It's changed my life, and if I didn't think it could change yours, I wouldn't be promoting it in association with Sophia Homeschool.

Are you ready to join?

— Judith

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Pricing for the Group Study for New Mothers Membership

Group Study for New Moms

$997 7-Month Payment Plan Available ($142.42)
  • Lifetime Access
  • Higher-level accountability
  • Weekly strategy sessions with Judith
  • Personal assessment training
  • Customized training to maximize productivity and results

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