The Woman School for New Mothers

Begin your new journey with a confidence and skills

Does this sound familiar?

You had all these great hopes of how you wanted to be as a mother but the reality is that you are exhausted, overwhelmed and anxious.

Not long ago, new mothers had a network of women — mothers, sisters, aunts, neighbors — around her willing to teach her and to help her.

Today we have no mentors but plenty of critics

We are expected to perform as women at a much higher level than ever before. So we shouldn’t wonder why postpartum depression brings so many women down. We are being robbed of this amazing experience of being a mom because we are not prepared.

The Woman School is your practical guide to a skillset and a mindset that gives women tools they need to live by design and not by default. It keeps us from becoming victims of our circumstances.

So what kind of skills? Time management, home management, how to manage your mindset and your emotions, how to set clear boundaries, hold people accountable, and how to not lose yourself as a woman when you become a mother. Why? Because we want to show up for our children each morning prepared to give the very best of ourselves. And we need to be whole to do that.

You are a whole woman. Even when you have a baby to care for, you still need to take care of your own health, friendships, intimacy, home and every other arena that makes up your life. That can be overwhelming unless you are armed with a few key skills.

We believe new moms need more than encouraging words and empowerment. They need equipment and training to make their job easier.

The Woman School Masterclass

The Woman School helps women develop the mindset and skills to "live life by design, not by default." Would you like a 7-day, full-access trial to the masterclass? Just click the button below.