Woman School Masterclass Membership

Whether or not you're already a mother, this is the "How to" school for any woman

Everyone needs training...

Judith here. If you're on this page, it's because there's something about this opportunity that resonates.

It speaks to a deep part of you that you know is real and true and important.

I know, because I've felt it too for a long time - since I first met January, in fact.

We were part of a women's Bible study in Old Town, Alexandria, right here in Virginia. Ever since that time almost 20 years ago, I've followed January as she grew her family and developed her program.

At first it was just helpful YouTube videos. But before too long I realized that she was forming a worldview that informed how I thought of myself and my relationships.

I believe in this program with my whole heart. And it dovetails with Sophia Homeschool's mission perfectly. What is that mission? To make accessible happy, healthy, and God-willing, holy home education environments for everyone who desires to create one.

This is the training program we all wish we'd had - even if we never even realized it was a thing!

I know that it's a big decision. It's a decision you should make carefully and deliberately. If you're married, you should definitely talk about it with your husband.

But if my experience can be a guide, joining the Woman School Masterclass is a no-brainer. It's changed my life, and if I didn't think it could change yours, I wouldn't be promoting it in association with Sophia Homeschool.

See the whole masterclass free for seven days

Get access to all of the masterclass modules - totally free - for seven days.

The Woman School Masterclass will help you to...

Live by design

Develop confidence and competence from the inside out

Crystalize your dreams and create a practical plan to achieve your goals

Manage your mind, emotions, schedule and environment 

Honor your body and learn to fuel it for optimal contribution

Attain unshakeable peace from within, free from stress, anxiety and exhaustion

Be resilient against critics, communicate your boundaries effectively, and hold people accountable

Find friendships that encourage you to pursue your dreams and walk with you in your failures

Membership Types

There are two membership types in The Woman School, Lifetime and Limited. The differences are explained below, but both offer advantages for your particular circumstances or preferred learning methods.


  • Lifetime access to the most comprehensive and integrated coaching designed specifically for women
  • Live monthly coaching with the Woman School for life
  • Downloadable access to all worksheets
  • Continuous bonus training added to the member portal included
  • ABW MasterClass Private Facebook Group lifetime access
  • Level 2 “Affiliate Partner” option available at no extra cost
  • Earn up to $1000 per lifetime member referral


  • Low price point entry level
  • Get through the core Masterclass at a fraction of the cost
  • Enjoy live monthly coaching with the Woman School for 7 months
  • ABW Masterclass private Facebook group
  • Downloadable access to all templates and worksheets (7 months only)
  • Level 1 “Referral Partner” option available at no extra cost
  • Earn up to $500 per lifetime member referral
  • Can upgrade anytime to “Lifetime Membership” by paying the difference

Lifetime Membership

Private Strategy

  • Lifetime Access
  • Higher-level accountability
  • Weekly strategy sessions with Judith
  • Personal assessment training
  • Customized training to maximize productivity and results


  • Lifetime Access to the membership portal
  • Self-paced learning

Limited Membership

Mastermind Group

  • Limited 7-month access to membership portal
  • Bi-weekly facilitations with your Woman School Strategist


  • Limited 7-month access to the membership portal
  • Self-paced learning